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Next Level Student Success

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Resilience Program

Next Level Leadership

Student Engagement, Retention & Leadership Development Program

Everyone Has A Story

Diversity Equity, & Inclusion Program (DEI)

Just R.E.A.C.H. One

Student Anti-Bullying Program

Ready. Set. Succeed

Student Testing Preparation Program

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Resilience Program


“From Mediocre to Magnificent”

If you’re looking for an amazing student success program to accomplish immediate and long-lasting change in your students, then Next Level Student Success Program is your solution.

Let’s be honest. The Student Experience can be challenging mentally, emotionally, and socially, and it’s no surprise that students get overwhelmed and lost in the process. Dennard’s mission with this program is to stop that from happening and empower students to achieve the greatest possible results both in school and in life.

Using unique personal stories, examples from other successful people, and a lot of humor, your students will feel like they are on the ultimate roller coaster of life with the destination being a success. The goal of this presentation is to help your students raise the opinion they have about themselves and take action towards next-level success.

Topics covered in Next Level Student Success include…

Student Engagement, Retention & Leadership Development Program


“Leadership on a whole new level!”

This program was designed to help your students take their leadership skills to the next level. In this fun and action-packed session, students will learn the secret mindset and qualities of a great leader that will make people want to follow them. This is an excitingly dynamic presentation mixed with humor, high energy, and actionable substance that really works.

Learning Outcomes

Diversity Equity, & Inclusion Program (DEI)


The student learning environment is changing in profound ways. From the ways students and teachers communicate, to school culture and how teachers do their jobs on a daily basis; the pace of change can be staggering. Add to the mix of new technologies and the permanent scars of a global pandemic. It’s easy to see why schools must constantly focus on including each student’s background and culture. This program is designed to show schools, teachers, and students how embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion will create a positive, safe, and thriving school culture.

Student Anti-Bullying Program


This Anti-Bullying program was designed to change and maintain a positive school culture all year long (Bully, Violence, Alcohol & Drug-Free). Dennard will train your students on our R.E.A.C.H. system, which is:

Dennard will show your students the importance of being responsible for their actions at all times. Why it’s important to show respect for self and students from different cultures and backgrounds. He will teach them how to apply techniques that will equip them to empower themselves and their peers. Dennard will give practical demonstrations of acts of kindness that your students could implement immediately following their assembly. Lastly, your students will walk away knowing how powerful it is to live a life being compassionate, healthy, and happy.

Student Testing Preparation Program


“Ready. Set. Succeed.” will demonstrate practical and adaptable Test Prep strategies / best practices to help students succeed before, during, & after their test. Dennard will share how-to-steps and success stories that students can use immediately to build a solid foundation to boost their esteem for taking their exams. In this presentation your students will learn in an entertaining way:

Letter of


MS DECA Fall Leadership Conference
October 17, 2022
MS Gulf Coast, Gulfport, Mississippi


When I was researching keynote/motivational speakers to attend my conference, I had to make sure I find someone that could bring out the best in my DECA members. DECA is a student organization with business-minded students and future entrepreneurs, and I knew I needed someone that could relate and share their story. I searched and reviewed several bios and video presentations, and no one stood out more than Dennard Mitchell. 

Dennard’s bio is the kind of bio of a person who I knew I needed to contact. The video that I watched reassured me he was the one we needed. The interaction with the crowd, the life stories, and his personality just sold me. One thing that I loved about meeting Dennard was the communication before the conference just to get to know him a little better made feel more comfortable with selecting him.

Once, he called my name at the conference and I turned around and saw his face and smile, I knew I was in good hands with my group and we were going to have an AWESOME day and we did!! The students and advisors loved his message and engagement. 

Below are a few comments from some of  the teachers that brought students to the conference:

Columbia Academy

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for a successful conference. When I asked my students what they liked most about the conference, they said they really liked the speaker and the points he made. Thanks for all the time and effort you and your team put into making this conference a success. 

Tupelo Career and Technical Center

First, let me say the speaker was PHENOMENAL!!!! He did such a great job, and I believe everyone enjoyed him!

Olive Branch High School

FLC was much better this year. My students really enjoyed the speaker.

I highly recommend Mr. Dennard Mitchell for any speaking engagement with students and adults. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you again, Mr. Dennard Mitchell and I look forward to working with you again with my other student organization.

Stay Blessed,
Pamela C. Lee
Mississippi DECA State Advisor

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