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Dennard Mitchell - Mr. Next Level

Middle/High Schools


Student Assembly Version & Professional Development Workshop Version


The student learning environment is changing in profound ways. From the ways students and teachers communicate, to school culture and how teachers do their jobs on a daily basis; the pace of change can be staggering. Add to the mix of new technologies and the permanent scars of a global pandemic. It’s easy to see why schools must constantly focus on including each student’s background and culture. This program is designed to show schools, teachers, and students how embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion will create a positive, safe, and thriving school culture.


“Just R.E.A.C.H. One”

Anti-Bullying & Student Enrichment Assembly


This Anti-Bullying program was designed to change and maintain a positive school culture all year long (Bully, Violence, Alcohol & Drug-Free). Dennard will train your students on our R.E.A.C.H. system, which is:

  • Responsibility & Respect
  • Equip & Empower
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Compassion
  • Healthy & Happy lifestyle

Dennard will show your students the importance of being responsible for their actions at all times. Why it’s important to show respect for self and students from different cultures and backgrounds. He will teach them how to apply techniques that will equip them to empower themselves and their peers. Dennard will give practical demonstrations of acts of kindness that your students could implement immediately following their assembly. Lastly, your students will walk away knowing how powerful it is to live a life being compassionate, healthy, and happy.

From Mediocre to MAGNIFICENT!

Self Esteem/Student Morale Keynote & Assembly


Many of our Teens and Young Adults have become victims to the conditions and pressures life has presented to them. As a result of these conditions and pressures, their SELF ESTEEM has been greatly impacted for the worst. The spectacles through which they see themselves and the world have been blemished by many issues. In this presentation Dennard tackle, these issues head-on.

Using his unique personal stories, examples from other successful people, and a lot of humor, your students will feel like they are on the ultimate roller coaster of life with the destination being magnificence. The goal of this presentation is to help teens and young adults raise the opinion they have about themselves and take action towards success. Topics covered in From Mediocre to Magnificent include…

  • Making Quality Choices
  • A.B.C.’s of Success
  • Positive and Healthy Relationships
  • The power of taking action
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Love what makes you different

Ready, Set, Succeed!

Test Preparation Assembly


“Ready, Set, Succeed” will demonstrate practical and adaptable Test Prep strategies / best practices to help students succeed before, during, & after their test. Dennard will share how-to-steps and success stories that students can use immediately to build a solid foundation to boost their esteem for taking their exams. In this presentation your students will learn in an entertaining way:

  • How to Manage Test Anxiety
  • The Importance of Testing Well
  • Value of Pre-Test Rituals
  • Test Taking Tips
  • The “Secret Ingredient”… Hard Work!

Watch Dennard speak to students