SEL Workshops & Packages

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

Through engaging activities, Dennard does far more than draw attention to Social Emotional Skills, he brings them to life! Years of experience have given Dennard the craft to build safe bonds quickly with any group, and these bonds are key in creating an environment conducive to handling the topics that arise in SEL lessons.

Dennard works with students, teachers, counselors, and even parents! His focus is engaging his audiences in powerful and meaningful ways to help them become the best possible versions of themselves.

In addition to using relevant and real-life learning stories, Dennard accompanies his SEL workshops with interactive age-appropriate activities that help tie in a critical level of experiential learning to it all. Audiences will be listening, moving, talking, laughing, and learning from start to finish.


With coordination and timely communication, Dennard will cater the package and activities to the target zones needed in your specific community. Using the CASEL framework as his base, Dennard works closely with an experienced academic consultant and SEL advocate to ensure that activities are fine-tuned to the developmental needs of each group in your care.

SEL Workshops

Learning to Look at Things Differently
Lower Elementary: 1st-3rd grades

This workshop is built off a live reading of the children’s book, “Grant’s Glitch: How a Little Perspective Changes Everything” and then several related interactive activities to bring the lessons full circle. The story is designed to open the doors of conversation about SEL skills for any level of learner; whether your school has a rich and thriving SEL program or if you are just starting out on your Social Emotional Learning journey. Dennard adjusts the reflection activities to meet the students’ needs and ensures that every learner leaves feeling more confident and capable of expressing themselves and their needs.

SEL Incorporations

Self Awareness

Self Management

Social Awareness

Relationship Skills

Responsible Decision-Making

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