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From Mediocre to Magnificent, A.K.A. from Average Teen to SUPER TEEN!

Anti-Bullying and Self Esteem Keynote & Assembly

Length: 45-60 minutes

Many of our Teens and Young Adults have become victims to the conditions and pressures life has presented to them. As a result of these conditions and pressures, their SELF ESTEEM has been greatly impacted for the worst. The spectacles in which they see themselves and the world through, has been blemished by drugs, alcohol, poor choices, bullying, divorce, sex, and violence. In this presentation anti-bullying speaker Dennard tackle these issues head on.

Using his unique personal stories, examples from other successful people, and a lot of humor, your students will feel like they are on the ultimate roller coaster of life with the destination being magnificence. The goal of this presentation is to help teens and young adults raise the opinion they have about themselves and take action towards success. Topics covered in From Mediocre to Magnificent include...

  • Making Quality Choices
  • Positive and Healthy Relationships
  • The power of taking action
  • Living with Purpose and Passion
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Love what makes you different
  • The value of a role model and mentor

    Staff Workshop

    Length: 90-120 minutes

    Educators are overwhelmed because of many internal and external pressures. The objective of “Reigniting the Passion & Keeping the Fire Burning” is to give educators a renewed sense of value, passion and purpose. Topics Covered in Reigniting the Passion & Keeping the Fire Burning include…

  • The Educators Relationship Model
  • The 5 common frustrations of educators
  • Creating a Culture that breeds Success
  • Motivating your students to take action
  • 5 common mistakes that are made with students
  • Simple/Effective ways to let students know you care
  • Concrete action steps for not Burning Out

  • Rock Star Leadership

    Student Leadership Assembly & Workshop

    Audience: TEENS or YOUNG ADULTS
    Length: 45-60 minutes

    This presentation is a gold mine for schools/organizations with the aspirations to inspire their students to become successful leaders now and in the future. Whether it's taking responsibility for your actions, or simply believing in your ability to lead, this presentation teaches students that plus more. Topics covered in Lead and Succeed include...

  • Leading with a vision and a purpose
  • Leading SELF first
  • Leading your peers without losing their respect and trust
  • Welcoming the responsibility of leadership
  • Welcoming obstacles
  • Leading by example

  • Assembly/Workshop

    Length: 45-60 minutes

    This assembly and workshop is like a breathe of fresh air for high schools and youth organizations with the aspirations to improve the academic performance of their student body and help take their lives to the next level. Whether it’s developing better grades, becoming a student leader or simply believing in themselves, this program gives students that plus more.

    In this presentation Dennard addresses some of the most common mistakes that are made by high school students that prevent them from taking full advantage of their high school experience. Your students will be captivated and inspired by Dennard’s personal high school stories and humor. Topics covered in The Top 10 Tips for High School Success include…

  • Who’s in your Fave 5?
  • Reaching the Gold through setting Goals
  • Create positive and lasting relationships
  • Go the Extra mile
  • Make Yourself Visual
  • Got Vision?