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Leadership Conferences/CTSO’s

Next Level Leadership “Leadership on a whole new level!”

Student Leadership Keynote & Workshop

Audience: Student Leaders
Length: 60 minutes

This presentation is a gold mine for leadership organizations with the aspirations to inspire their students to become successful leaders now and in the future. Whether it’s taking responsibility for your actions, or simply believing in your ability to lead, this presentation teaches students that plus more. Topics covered in Next Level Leadership include…

  • Leading with a vision and a purpose
  • Leading SELF first
  • Leading your peers without losing their respect and trust
  • Welcoming the responsibility of leadership
  • Welcoming obstacles
  • Leading by example


Audience: Student Leaders
Length: Up to 120 minutes

Interactive Workshop Activities:

  • Communication
  • Personality
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Commitment Through Action
  • Team Building

Group Discussion / Brainstorming session

  • Time Management
  • Programming & Marketing Events
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Promoting Completion among student body
  • Social Innovation/Change-making

Watch Dennard speak to students