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Next Level Leadership “Leadership on a whole new level!”

Student Leadership Workshop

Audience: College Students and Staff
Length: 90-120 minutes

This workshop is a gold mine for students and advisors that want to take their personal leadership skills to the next level. In this dynamic session you will learn the benefits of different personality styles and how to apply simple techniques to communicate more effective to help you avoid and resolve conflict with others. You will also learn the importance of commitment and how to take action in spite of your fears.   

Learning outcomes:

  • In this session participant will learn how to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different personalty styles while gaining an appreciation for those differences.
  • Learn how to shift between the strengths of different personalities in order to communicate more effectively with others.
  • Learn the different conflict resolution styles and how to apply them to resolve conflict.
  • Learn about the value of taking action and being committed while having fears.

Interactive Workshop Activities:

  • Communication
  • Personality
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Commitment Through Action
  • Team Building

NEXT LEVEL HAPPINESS: Success follows Happiness

Student Orientation / Keynote

Audience: College Students and Staff
Length: 60 minutes

From the time we were little, we were taught by society that in order to be happy  you must have a lot of money, go to the best school, be in a relationship, have a career and be really successful. In many cases this is simply not true. The problem with this way of thinking is two fold: Some people never accomplish the things they feel will make them happy and when some people do accomplish these things, they set new targets and as a result never reach Happiness.

Using scientific based evidence, Dennard will show you how achieving happiness first will make you more successful. Next Level Happiness can benefit in better productivity, health, relationships, success, and meaningful experiences. Through training our brain to be positive, managing stress, social support and applying positive psychology techniques you will be able to create your own happiness and success in challenging times.

Using his unique personal stories, examples from other successful people, and a lot of humor, your group will feel like they are on the ultimate roller coaster of life with the destination being Next Level Happiness.

Watch Dennard speak to students