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Next Level Leadership “Leadership on a whole new level!”

Student Leadership Keynote & Workshop

Audience: College Students
Length: 60 minutes

This presentation is a gold mine for leadership organizations with the aspirations to inspire their students to become successful leaders now and in the future. Whether it’s taking responsibility for your actions, or simply believing in your ability to lead, this presentation teaches students that plus more. Topics covered in Next Level Leadership include…

  • Leading with a vision and a purpose
  • Leading SELF first
  • Leading your peers without losing their respect and trust
  • Welcoming the responsibility of leadership
  • Welcoming obstacles
  • Leading by example


Topics Covered:

  • Making Quality Choices
  • The A.B.C’s to Success (Action, Belief, Commitment)
  • Motivating SELF
  • Living with Purpose and Passion
  • Pursuing Goals while Overcoming Obstacles
  • Love what makes you different

Interactive Workshop Activities:

  • Communication
  • Personality
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Commitment Through Action
  • Team Building

Group Discussion / Brainstorming session:

  • Time Management
  • Programming & Marketing Events
  • Recruitment & Retention
  • Promoting Completion among student body
  • Social Innovation/Change-making

From a Mediocre College Student to MAGNIFICENT College Student!

Student Morale/Orientation/Student Success Keynote

Audience: College Students
Length: 60 minutes

Many of our Young Adults have become victims to the conditions and pressures to be the best and perform extremely well in life. As a result of these conditions and pressures, their SELF ESTEEM and morale has been greatly impacted for the worst. The spectacles in which they see themselves and the world through, has been blemished by test scores, social status, drugs, alcohol, sex and landing that perfect job after graduation. In this presentation Dennard tackle these issues head on.

Using his unique personal stories, examples from other successful people, and a lot of humor, your students will feel like they are on the ultimate roller coaster of life with the destination being magnificence. The goal of this presentation is to help college students raise the opinion they have about themselves and take action towards success. Topics covered include…

  • Making Quality Choices
  • Positive and Healthy Relationships
  • The power of taking action
  • Living with Purpose and Passion
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Love what makes you different
  • The value of a role model and mentor

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